Dive Center since 1974

The diving school SPIRO SUB ELBA was founded in 1974 in Marina di Campo. The experience of more than 30 years is at your disposal. The high quality of our equipment, our service and the standards and the good quality of the PADI diving education, will give you a good feeling of a great safety.

In the western part of the island, when the north-south axis Procchio – Marina di Campo is viewed, SPIRO SUB is the only German, German speaking dive base in the region. Our guests come from all over Europe: Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy … … We look after our divers in German, English and Italian language.
You can do guided dives with our high quality PADI diving instructors or if you have enough experience you can get a briefing from the dive side and you can go with your dive-buddy on your own. Even if you are alone – at SPIRO SUB DIVING ELBA you will find a diving partner.

The decades long years of experience SPIRO SUB DIVING can not be obtained with any course. However, we do not stop, whether in the technical area or about new learning methods.

In this sense, we look forward to your visit.

Our diving ship

The MARIANNA is a high-seaworthy wood ship. The trunk of 12m length was built for 1979 in La Spezia as fishing boat. These boats were completely specifically built for the Mediterranean and for all weather. The first owner removed the trunk as work yacht and thereby sport fish drove. When we took over the MARIANNA, them were overhauled again compromise less as diving ship. Completely spec. were made to diving leaders installed onto measure, in the engine room a high performance compressor plant and for our female guests a toilet. The very roomy cabin, which offers us with bad weather good protection, is equipped with UKW naval voice transmission, 3 D-Echolot, digital Seafarer, telephone and all necessary controllers.
For the travel of approx. 8 knots 87 HP a FIAT naval Diesel provides. The MARIANNA is officially approved for 12 persons. We are very proud to be able to present to our guests such a diving ship.

Our Team 2024

Volki, Katja, Emilio and Antonio

Katja and Volki are running the SPIRO SUB DIVING since 2004.<br /> Katja worked so far as a child nurse. Since 2005 she is diving teacher.<br /> Volki, owner and leader from SPIRO SUB is working since 1997 as instructor and baseleader in the diving business.<br /> Emilio is going to school in Marina di Campo, and his younger brother Antonio is taking part in all activities around the dive center.

<br /> Victor is from France and speaks English and French and is with us this season

We are happy to welcome You in Our Diving Center!

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Spiro Sub - Dive Center

Spiro Sub – Dive Center