Pianosa, new untouched dive sites

The Island of Pianosa

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Pianosa – The Diving
Since July 2013, the National Park Administration has been venturing a careful and controlled opening of the waters around Pianosa for divers. Under strict conditions four selected spots marked by buoys can now be dived. These may only be used by approved dive operators after prior registration. The divers must be accompanied by a state-certified environmental guide called the Guida Ambientale Subaquea (GAS). At the same time the divers have at least the Advanced (Aowd) brevet or similar. required. The guide may take 6 divers on these dives.

The effort is worth it: In the protection zone 1 of the national park steep walls to 40 meters depth with forests full of red fan corals (Gorgonien) and grouper in all sizes lure. In addition seasonally eagle rays, again and again sunfish as well as large schools of barracudas and amberjacks. The long-term protection zone and its positive effects on the underwater world are clearly visible here. For those who want to discover the Mediterranean from its most primitive and even more beautiful side, Pianosa is a MUST.

The ship with which we drive belongs to a colleague of the consortium CED (Centri Elbani Diving). It is a comfortable fiberglass rigid hull with built-in compressor and on-board toilet. It is mostly covered and has a sundeck.

We usually leave at 7:30 in the Marina di Campo harbor and return at around 14:30. Meeting time at the Diving Center 7 am.

Price 155,- Euro, 2 dives, all taxes, something to drink,snacks

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Spiro Sub - Dive Center

Spiro Sub – Dive Center