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ferry discount for all our guests. Please ask for your personal discount code!

The code applies to MOBY OR TOREMAR. When booking Toremar or Moby you can use the ticket for both ferry lines, as far as there is room on the not booked ferry !!!
The code is enough for round trip. In general, it is best if you book the two trips together.
If you do not want that, that’s no problem either. We can also give you here on Elba a new  code for the return journey and you can book online with us at the diving school. The booking is basically only with credit card.


You copy the code for the ferry, insert the code, enter the date and then the times, etc. To get an overview of the departure time, you can also look at everything without the code. Basically: MOBY and Toremar go regularly and many times a day, if you arrive too late to the booked ship, goes max. a
Hour later the next. If you come much earlier, you can take one earlier.
BlueNavy can be even cheaper, but does not go that much. If you e.g. missed the booked ferry at the beginning of the holiday, you have to wait longer, until the next one comes.

If you do not need the code for some reason, it does not matter.

Possibly. the ticket ends up with the spam, so if you have booked please check it out … ..

If something is not ok while booking  with the code, please just ask us.


Service handled by Ok-ferry.com

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Spiro Sub - Dive Center

Spiro Sub – Dive Center