In the prices the Italian VAT of 22% is already included. You can pay us electronically with paypal. Gladly also by online bank transfer with our free WiFi.

  1 Dive, with complete own equipment
  10 Dives 390.00
  6 Dives 270.00
   additional charge for 1 Dive, with guide and complete own equipment
  additional charge for one dive with instrucor 1:1 20.00
   every dive after doing 10 dives 38.00
  ( incl. 15 l tank, air, weights and boat trip )
  extra charge for night dive    15.00
  extra charge for day trip    15.00
  extra charge for NITROX    9.00
Equipment rent:
  Tank 15 l (incl. Air)    15.00
  Weight belt with weights    6.00
  ABC: Mask, fins and snorkel    9.00
  Complete Wetsuit (6,5 mm )    11.00
  BCD and Regulator
  Equipment complete (without Tank)   20.00
  KOWALSKI UW Lamp    6.00
PADI Dive Courses
  DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING incl. full equipment, logbook and certification PIC
  expires after one year, max depth 12 meters
  SCUBA DIVER incl. full equipment, theory, max depth 12 m
  plus OWD manual € 60, logbook € 15 and certification PIC € 55

  OPEN WATER DIVER incl. full Equipment, theory max depth 18 m
  plus OWD manual, logbook and certification PIC

  OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE, max depth 18 m, incl. full equipment, theory online, logbook and diving license,
  PADI online registration ( with credit card to PADI )

  ca 228.00 depend on taxes
  NITROX DIVER Usercourse incl. Theory. No Dives: PaperManual and certification PIC
  NITROX paper manual for the AdventureDive during the Advanced course

  Upgrade AdventureNitroxdiver to NITROX DIVER incl. theory and certification PIC
   plus AOWD manual 70 € and certification PIC 55 €
  Specialties on request, per Dive
   certification PIC for specialties or certifications without padi manual from SpiroSub
  Introduction dive, incl. theory, equipment and boat trip
  Boat trip just for fun (no dive)
  Spec. offers for clubs and Diving schools on request!

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Spiro Sub - Dive Center

Spiro Sub – Dive Center