divesites Elba Island

Divesites - Dive Areas on the Island of Elba

Divesites island of Elba – SPIRO SUB DIViNG ELBA

On the Google map you will find our dive sites around Elba. For the dive sites in the south, which we approach regularly, we have also attached a map with the divesites and pictures for you at the individual dive sites. You are welcome to copy these cards.

Just zoom in on the Google map on the top right, go to the images you are interested in, go to the images, right-click on the map and click Copy. Best then copy to Word or Paint for further editing. Have fun with it.

Our divesites are suitable for everyone and offer the best for every diver and every taste. The dives are starting at a shallow depth, so even the inexperienced have their fun. Everyone, no matter if beginner or advanced or professional, gets their money’s worth with our diving havens. There is many to sea in the macro area (snails, lower animals) andeven in the blue you find larger fish . Big schools with barracudas and gonads.

Steep walls or gently sloping reefs, we offer everything the diving heart desires.


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